Government Secrets: X-37B Plane in Space for a Year Now, Nobody Knows its Mission

Originally posted on sentinelblog:
From Activist Post, by Amando Flavio On May 20th 2015, a special unmanned space plane of the United States Air Force, Boeing X-37B, was deployed to space by the American government. The Mirror reports that the reusable unmanned spacecraft blasted into orbit from Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida, carrying…

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The Beast System Begins: Why Is The Pope Having A Closed-Door Meeting With Google Exec. In The Vatican?

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Google declined to respond to several requests for comment over the past 24 hours about the meeting. The planned encounter was first mooted in a barely noticed tweet two days ago by a man named Iacopo Scaramuzzi, who has been described on Twitter as a Vaticanista, or Vatican expert.…

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The Cashless Society and The Mark Of The Beast 666 System

The Fuel project put out in their recent installment in their series an excellent video showing the multifaceted technologies involved in the Mark of The Beast System.  Like their entire project they provide beautifully done videos discussing major Biblical topics in bite sized pieces.  I wanted to do this article to give the uneducated and…


Enter The Entertainment Borg – Transhumanism Next Stop!

I love the excitability of these Geeks.  This is Geek Tech Mecca!  These guys are in heaven drooling over the eventual release of these virtual reality headsets and eye scanning motion sensors.  I understand the desire to get the latest electronic toy and the excitement with seeing and experiencing new things.  I for one was…

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Google’s Diabetic Glucose Monitoring High Tech Contact Lenses

It seems that I am writing a lot of articles on biotechnology, the combination of human body monitoring systems and miniaturized computer technology.  This technology is being marketed as a replacement to the messy pin and prick blood sampling technology that is familiar to diabetic patients.  This new development focuses on monitoring chemical composition of…