Government Secrets: X-37B Plane in Space for a Year Now, Nobody Knows its Mission

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From Activist Post, by Amando Flavio On May 20th 2015, a special unmanned space plane of the United States Air Force, Boeing X-37B, was deployed to space by the American government. The Mirror reports that the reusable unmanned spacecraft blasted into orbit from Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida, carrying…


U.S. scientists celebrate the restart of the Large Hadron Collider

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  April 2015 – SCIENCE AND TECH – Earlier today, the world’s most powerful particle accelerator began its second act. After two years of upgrades and repairs, proton beams once again circulated around the Large Hadron Collider, located at the CERN laboratory near Geneva, Switzerland. With the collider back…

432 frequency

Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

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Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz by A. True Ott, PhD First of all, allow me to explain the current situation by exploring historical truths.  From the earliest history of instrumental music and “symphony”, we learn from archeological evidence…


End Times Matrix News – Dark Forces

On this edition of ETMN, I continue our discussion with Kris on the Dark Forces manifesting through portals into this world.  The Satanists are saturating all media with the coming antichrist.  The antichrist system is being implemented into everyday life and most people don’t even recognize the Satanic matrix.  I mention many movies related to…


Astronomical Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment April 23, 2014 (Major Event)

This is a very interesting piece of information that I thought I should communicate to my subscribers.  The reason that this is interesting to me is that I know that the global elites believe and utilize all types of astrological signs.  This Cardinal Cross alignment is a major event for those sun worshippers that worship…


Obama, A Real American Horror Story!

Move over Mary Shelly and take a seat because your craziest imaginations have become reality!  They, those guys, them, they actually read your book “Frankenstein” and IMAGINED that they too could create a monster.  So what have the best and brightest in the mad scientist world been up to since the days of Operation Paper…


Apollo, The One Eye God Of The Elites

I am always interested in newly discovered archaeological evidence from the middle east and Israel.  As many know I was professionally trained in archaeology and wanted to pursue a career in Biblical Archaeology.  I chose a different path do to life circumstances and now from all my studies realize long after this period of my…