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Herve Ladsous, Under-Secretary-General for UN Peacekeeping Operations; an obvious total failure.  Wheres peace working? Each year the United States gives approximately $8 billion in mandatory payments and voluntary contributions to the United Nations and its affiliated organizations. The biggest portion of this money – about $3 billion this year –…


Death at The Church – The Kingsman Movie Prophecy

The  Kingsman  a 2014 movie, about a 007 style Secret Service  elite spy organization, portrayed some disturbing elements in the movie. The movie starred Colin Firth, an elite  agent with a special skill set to kill. He and his fellow kingsman operate outside the law on behalf of the elite aristocracy This organization is a reflection of the…

432 frequency

Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune all Instruments to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz

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Why Christians and “Worship” Teams Should Tune to 432 hz and Abandon 440 hz by A. True Ott, PhD First of all, allow me to explain the current situation by exploring historical truths.  From the earliest history of instrumental music and “symphony”, we learn from archeological evidence…