DHS: GUN CONTROL Is NOW IN OUR HANDS… Obama Calls for Assault Weapons Ban, New ‘No Fly, No Buy’ Law… Executive Order, Hand in Assault Weapons by December 31, 2016… HERE COMES THE PUSH FOR INSURANCE ON GUN OWNERS « InvestmentWatch

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Source: Investment Watch Jeh Johnson: Gun control is now a matter of homeland security Just days after the massacre in an Orlando nightclub left 49 people dead and 53 wounded, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson on Tuesday said that gun control is now a critical element of protecting the U.S. homeland…


Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place!

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Source: Super Station 95 The Google news search engine picked-up a Chicago Sun-Times Network article about the attack at an Orlando nightclub 6 hours BEFORE the attack took place!  The attack occurred around 2:00 AM eastern US time on Sunday, June 12. But the Chicago Sun-Times Network has the following story about…


Government paid Propagandists, Mainstream Media Crisis Actors and False Flags!

Edward Bernays, in his seminal work “Propaganda”, made this following famous quote: “The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element and democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. We…


End Times Matrix News – Hells Gates

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to discuss the issue of Hell and how it relates to what is going on these days with gates, portals, CERN and The New World Order.  The Freemason agenda of Ordo Ab Chao is well underway with some type of Chaos being televised every day…


End Times Matrix News – Obamatics

On this edition, I report on the alarming possibility of a False Flag Event occurring over or during the governments summer break during August.  With the southern border wide open and the outbreak of Ebola across Africa, the likelihood that there could be a pandemic in America is very likely.  Several subversive techniques will be…


False Flag Vegas Walmart shooting Crisis Actor Video Footage Just Plain Terrible Acting! Wow!

You either believe in the evidence of contrived government sponsored false flag events or you can’t think at all.  The Vegas shooting with all the stupid trademark Joker photos oozed with False Flag symbolism.  This video just seals the deal.  The interesting thing is that the mainstream media is running part of this video also with…