Giants, Predictive Programming, and The Days of Noah!

Colliding Realities In this article, we discuss the convergence of cinema, TV, and the eye witness accounts of professional military insiders about the return of The Nephilim and their offspring the Giants.  The Endtimes are truly shaping up to be unlike any other time on planet earth.  Both The Bible, scientists and military special operations…


CERN Illuminati Black Hole Machine and the Saturn Agenda!

CERN  the controversial particle accelerator located in Switzerland, poses an extinction level event threat to humanity as we know it. CERN founded in 1952 by European agencies, was designed to basically examine the beginning of the Big Bang. The public has been notified of the discovery of the Higgs Boson, the God particle. There is much…


End Times Matrix News – Evil Realms

This was a great show that goes into the secret societies and the cult of Mithras.  Kris uncovers a great deal of information and helps to connect the pagan stories with the end times. Links: 1) Putin New World Order Article (<<<Click) 2) Ebola Quarantine Maine PsyOp (<<<Click) 3) Mithras History (<<<Click) 4) Starmonkies Blog (<<<Click)


End Times Matrix News – Egyptian America

In this edition of ETMN, Kris joins me to discuss the continuing issues surrounding the Egyptian pantheon and the impact on America and the relation to the moors.  Barack Obama was correct when he and his fellow occultists said that America was no longer a Christian nation.  The first 25 minutes is a monologue on…


End Times Matrix News – Star-Gate Cube!

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris who has been doing in-depth research on the Saturn cube worship that is going on globally and is connected to the coming New World Order.  (THERE IS A SECTION OF DEAD SPACE THAT YOU NEED TO SKIP OVER STARTING AT 38:20-42:10.  THE SATURN CUBE KNOCKED…