Fleas test positive for plague near Flagstaff

Originally posted on The Extinction Protocol :
April 2015 – FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Coconino County officials are taking precautions after finding fleas collected in Picture Canyon northeast of Flagstaff have tested positive for plague. The Arizona Daily Sun reported Friday that the County Public Health Services District is conducting additional tests and disinfecting prairie dog burrows.…


Astronomical Cardinal Grand Cross Alignment April 23, 2014 (Major Event)

This is a very interesting piece of information that I thought I should communicate to my subscribers.  The reason that this is interesting to me is that I know that the global elites believe and utilize all types of astrological signs.  This Cardinal Cross alignment is a major event for those sun worshippers that worship…


Russia Invades Kherson Gas Fields! (Purim War Again)

I guess I was correct when I stated that the first and second gulf wars had major military actions on the Purim Holiday.  Here we have military action in which Russia is invading Ukraine gas fields.  So as anticipated military action is beginning in the prelude to WWIII and Obama also surrendered America’s rights to…