The UN Will Soon Control Food Distribution In America with Devastating Results – Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Originally posted on sentinelblog:
Source: The Common Sense Show, by Dave Hodges A string of coincidences occurred, yesterday, to produce some undeniable conclusions which could very well have very dire consequences for millions of Americans. Using Food As a Weapon Since 2011, I have noted that it is likely that at some critical juncture, Obama…


End Times Matrix News – Saturn’s Black Box

On this edition of ETMN, Kris joins provides some mind blowing information between the Saturn black box and Egyptian history.  The agenda is still the same by the global elite that worship Satan.  They want to enslave humanity in their Beast system and take obliterate Jesus Christ from creation.  Get ready to learn how the…


End Times Matrix News – Queen of Heaven

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to continue our discussion on the multi-named Gods and Goddesses that are related to the Queen of Heaven and Lucifer.  The beginning of the show starts with a presentation on the Luciferian origins of The United Nations and their agenda to enthrone Lucifer.  This history…