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Why is the scientific world abuzz about an unpublished paper? Because it could permanently change human DNA

Originally posted on National Post:
Scientists around the world are anticipating the results of a Chinese study that would mark the first time DNA in a human embryo has been modified in a way that would carry into future generations. Although the embryos would be for study only, and not intended for implantation, the research…


End Times Matrix News – New World Order 2

On this issue of ETMN, I continue with my discussion on the New World Order and the Rise of the Fourth Reich and the future Fuhrer, Antichrist.  The subject of British Israelism is explored as it relates to the Blue Bloods Right to Rule.  Will the Antichrist come from the tribe of Dan through the…


Obama, A Real American Horror Story!

Move over Mary Shelly and take a seat because your craziest imaginations have become reality!  They, those guys, them, they actually read your book “Frankenstein” and IMAGINED that they too could create a monster.  So what have the best and brightest in the mad scientist world been up to since the days of Operation Paper…