Papal Brainwash Tour September 2015!

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Washington DC in the United States in September 2015. There is a major media push by the Vatican and their media lackeys to promote something he is not.  the media blitz began with the Pope doing a joint video conference with young people in the United States. Pope Francis…

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Fascists helped ousted Pope

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The Kingdom of Italy removed Roman Catholicism as state religion in 1870. In 1929 the Papal system was brought back by the Fascists, though the Treaties of Lateran. With Benito Mussolini as the midwife, The present Vatican state was born. In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to…


End Times Matrix News – Evil Realms

This was a great show that goes into the secret societies and the cult of Mithras.  Kris uncovers a great deal of information and helps to connect the pagan stories with the end times. Links: 1) Putin New World Order Article (<<<Click) 2) Ebola Quarantine Maine PsyOp (<<<Click) 3) Mithras History (<<<Click) 4) Starmonkies Blog (<<<Click)


End Times Matrix News – Jesuits & Cubes

On this edition of End Times Matrix News, I finally connect a great deal of missing peaces in my mind that connects the New World Order Hydra at the feet of the Jesuit Order.  I feel comfortable in connecting peaces that all paths do lead to Rome literally including Antichrist paths.  This show explores the…