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DARPA thinks it has a solution to Ebola (and all other infectious diseases)

Originally posted on Fusion:
Saving the world from Ebola suddenly sounds so simple, as the solution spills from Colonel Dan Wattendorf’s mouth, up on the stage in the windowless banquet hall of this Marriott hotel south of San Francisco. “We’re going to take the genetic code and put it into a format where you go to…


End Times Matrix News – Time Travelers

On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I discuss the world and its race toward the New World Order and how Time Travel is related to world events and the eventual use of CERN in March to open up a space time continuum.  The demonic forces are definitely driving the global decent into destruction and…


End Times Matrix News – Mind Control 3

On this edition of ETMN, the first hour involves an interview regarding targeted individuals and a discussion of the motivation of government agencies to participate in citizen surveillance.  This introduces people to the topic as it relates to mind control and population control.  Future shows will address this broad topic especially in relation to technology…