I am a Bible believing Christian adding my 2 cents in this endtime watchman ministry.  I have worked extensively in the fields of Psychology and have many years experience in academia.  I am very familiar with the New Age movement and its impact on the ecumenical movement in the modern day church.  I am looking forward to our blessed hope of the soon return of Jesus Christ.  I hope to be able to reach out to the un-churched population and write content that will engage them to reach out to Christ before it is too late. add another page.


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  1. Lots of good stuff here. I appreciate all the work that you are doing and will be following you. I wanted to leave you with a new article on one of my blogs. I hope that you enjoy it.


    The world of the prophetic future is fast approaching.


  2. Hi! I work in a Christian school, and our principal asked us to watch the LEGO movie for our next staff meeting. My wife and I have avoided watching it as we knew from the trailer it was…well, bunk. So last night we watched the first half, and tonight the rest, and I am blown away by how much ancient mystery religion stuff is there. And as in most stuff, most people don’t get it, because they haven’t taken the time to research the “things in plain sight”.

    So, I found your comment on another blog, and I was wondering if you have any resources I could look up. I know you wanted to write a review, but I couldn’t find it on your site. Hey, I’d be willing to collaborate – I’m always looking for a strong reason to write!

    Glad to meet another brother or sister who is taking time to keep their spiritual eyes open.

    Grace and courage,

    • Great idea, I will post your post if you want to write up something on this movie. Of course it is pure Gnostic and Luciferian philosophy. Just submit a write-up and I will post it with your name. That would be great because I never got around to writing a proper post.

      • Tim (I’ll assume that’s your name!?), I’ve finished my writeup on the Lego Movie. Wow – lots of digging, lots of discoveries. I’ll be posting it at my own site as well (schtoltzie.wordpress.com). What format would you like it in? It’s also really long, so feel free to cut sections out as needed.

      • Thanks for all the effort. I look forward to seeing the Lego Movie Write-up. You can blog it and I can reblog it. You let me know what you want to do.

  3. Tim,

    Would it be possible to have a conversation with you by phone? Want to share some thoughts with you that I believe came from GOD.

    A little background…. Christian since 1988 listen to good solid Christian radio, seldom see a tv. Many lessons over the years as HE has been molding me. In Nov 2010 I prayed something I have always been scared to pray… I said ” I don’t care what it takes i want you to use me” Since that time I have lost my wife, the paid for dream home that we built with our own two hands, beloved goldwing, Jeep, and a really great car, also my job….

    Now me saying I lost my wife will prompt you to think there must really have been something wrong for GOD to allow that to happen. Not that I don’t know HE hates divorce, but if you hear what I have to tell you then i think it will be much clearer to you as to just where i am in life and while i don’t claim to have Divine Revelations there are sure some things pertaining to this endtime we are so quickly approaching that seem very clear to me. Some of which go right along with the things i have so far heard you saying. My email is JESUSKiDtommy@hotmail.com


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  5. I wanted to tell you that I´ve been listening. I live in Lima Peru and I appreciate all your information. God Bless you (that´s the God of Abrahama, Isaac and Jacob)

  6. Hi Tim
    Great job you’re doing with Anthony and Kris. May the Lord continue to bless you.

    This issue of when actually is the start of the New year – is it Nissan 1 or Tishri 1. This is of great significance especially this year, in regards to the shenanigans at CERN. Please see the extract below:-

    …Not September of 2014 as Jonathan Cahn stated!

    Friday, March 20, will usher in the “Year of RELEASE” and be kicked off with a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE! Some of you have no idea what I am talking about but there are some here that will see this and realize just how VERY significant this information is! To you fellow Watchers, I SALUTE YOU!

    Here is the breakdown…God told Moses in Exodus 12 that the start of the months would begin on Nisan 1 and that Passover would begin 15 days later. The Hebrew tradition of calling the Feast of Yom Teruah the “New Year” is NOT scriptural but based on Babylonian pagan traditions during their time of captivity there. If Friday, Nisan 1 on Hebrew calendar, March 20 on Gregorian, is the start of the New Year then it is also the start of the Shemitah year and we need to be paying very close attention to what takes place on that day!!!

    It is NO COINCIDENCE that CERN chose this week to fire up their “Ouroboros” (look it up if you don’t know what this is). Those playing for the dark side know EXACTLY what they are doing in choosing this week and now, I think I do, too! The start of the Shemitah signifies the “Year of Release” on God’s calendar (of debt, of the land, etc.) but it is quite possible that the players for His enemy’s team have another “release” in mind. All we can do is watch! If God lifts His Restrainer (2 Thessalonians 2:6) at the start of the Shemitah then CERN may well be allowed to succeed in opening the portal. (Say what you want but those with discernment know this is EXACTLY what they are attempting to do!)

    The website is linked below that helps explain what I am talking about.

    “If the year was established in Exodus 12, and there is no other evidence to support 1 Tishri as a new year (of any kind), then the Shemitah year must begin on 1 Nisan.

    That means the Shemitah year begins in March 2015, not Sept. 2014 (as Cahn claims).”


    Read up, watch, repent and PRAY! We are almost HOME! And to all of you fellow believers in Jesus Christ and you who call yourselves the Children of the Living God…
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! **Watcher**



  7. Sorry tim, me again. Put wrong email in. As I said before, where have you gone? Really liked your YouTube vids. Take care friend.

  8. hey can i have your email please. I would like you to send me your recent video which got cut off by youtube. thanks bro 😀

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