Gold: Welcome To The Weimar Death Spiral

I am continuing to follow economic collapse news and the destruction of Western Civilization by the globalist banksters.  I am posting some interesting articles on where people are moving money.  I don’t advocate investment strategies, or give advice but those with fiat currency need to make some decisions.


One thought on “Gold: Welcome To The Weimar Death Spiral

  1. Thank you Tim, hope you are ok. So many things are happening in a rapid way, it is hard to keep up with all the news.

    Did you notice the chaos in Venezuela? Also this news in Israel is shocking. The 2 state solution already has been signed a long time ago with Ariel Sharon, and nobody even know this. &list=UU3q-ByZ2eoOikcEiajMYXXA

    I follow the advice of Pastor Peacock to be sober and vigilant looking to the Lord to stay calm because everything you hear and see may upset and paralyze people with fear. We can’t change anything about what is going on, we just can turn to the Lord for safety and hope and pray He will return quickly.

    Have a blessed weekend Tim and till next time.


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