Giants, Predictive Programming, and The Days of Noah!

Colliding Realities

In this article, we discuss the convergence of cinema, TV, and the eye witness accounts of professional military insiders about the return of The Nephilim and their offspring the Giants.  The Endtimes are truly shaping up to be unlike any other time on planet earth.  Both The Bible, scientists and military special operations insiders are reporting on suppressed accounts of secret military hybrid experimentation and the mixing of modern technology with Ancient Alien or Nephilim forbidden secrets.

The collaboration between the fallen Luciferian human factions and their fallen Angel counterparts are bringing in the end time events which will lead to men’s hearts failing for what is coming upon the earth.


The Luciferians are messaging to their followers and the world that their Antichrist messiah is returning and all manner of genetically modified abominations will be accompanying him for their final stand against Jesus Christ.

The only answer for mankind is to accept the free gift of Jesus Christ as your personal savior in these last remaining minutes before the onslaught of the enemies, “Order Out of Chaos” Blitzkrieg against humanity and civilization.  Time is running out!


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