Join us for this thought-provoking discussion on the implications regarding quantum entanglement and the application of such theories to understanding Biblical concepts.  The interview is posted half way down the page in the small box which can be expanded on our youtube page.

End Times Matrix News

Anthony Patch Joined us and will again for a series of Videos on Cern and the End Times with Collaborated Evidence on what Cern is used for and will accomplish in the near future. This is a very good source from a Christian Perspective through the gifts that God gives us all to share as a team to Understand the truth about Satan’s Psychological Warfare!

Anthony Explains that the SATAN PARTICLE is the Biggest Weapon in the world! Compared to Nuclear warheads < they are firecrackers compared to The Pentaquark aka Stranglets at Cern!

Cern has accomplished their proof of concept and can push the button to tear the Veil of space and time when they are ready!

Artificial Quantum Entanglement is through the MIND and Real ENTANGLEMENT IS THROUGH THE HEART!

CERN Will work through the minds of those not Sealed by GOD it is the MARK OF THE…

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