End Times Prophetic Crash Course

This post is to provide readers who are not aware or have not examined the extensive prophetic information that has exploded in recent years.  This post will orient you  to the hard work of fellow watchmen who have dedicated their lives to spreading the gospel in the world that doesn’t want to know the truth.  The end times is about choosing sides.  There are two choices and one will lead to Hell and the other will lead to eternal life.  The 4th dimension of Time is coming to an end which is prophetically described in The Holy Bible.  Hollywood defines this as The Apocalypse, but The Apocalypse means the revealing of Jesus Christ as The King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  End Time events occur prior to the final peaceful eternal rule of Jesus Christ.  So how does one orient themselves to what is happening in this world of CHAOS?  The only way out of the chaos is by accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your Life.

Prophecy is being fulfilled daily as Time accelerates to the final destruction of Lucifer and his army at Armageddon.  These videos will provide valuable information to consider regarding these upcoming events.  The first video is an excellent video which demonstrates the global conspiracy of The New World Order, Satan’s old order just repackaged.  It especially demonstrates how terrorism, Islam, The Antichrist, Mahdi, and the Catholic church are connected to end time events.

Steven Ben Denoon continues understanding the end times by showing that prophecies in the book of Zephaniah are being fulfilled as we speak

Pastor John Abent gives an excellent presentation of how the End Time Prophecy is being fulfilled and will orient you according to how close we are to The seven year tribulation.  Extensive Biblical research shows the signs of our times.

Daniel Valles with InformedChristians.com provides an excellent visual display of how Hollywood has been leading us in preparing Satan’s followers for these end times.  He always packs a lot of information into these presentations.

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