Zombie Apocalypse Overload

Well, September is here and FEMA has made it national preparation month.  So what better thing to do than to swamp the American public with more Zombies!  Good grief, how many ways can you kill a zombie?  How many years can you recycle zombie killing scenarios and make it fresh?  I don’t know, but the American people seem to eat this stuff up.  Even on this Labor Day holiday, I am subjected to the Z-Nation Zombie marathon to get me ready for the Z-Nation new season on September 11, 2015.


Z-Nation Zombie Apocalypse

This is going on while Fear The Walking Dead is on a one-week hiatus while all the zombie junkies are waiting for the next season opener of the Walking Dead, The original long-running zombie series.  Fear The Walking Dead seems to be the West coast storyline of the Walking Dead series in Los Angeles.


Fear The Walking Dead











Really do we need all this gore?  Has America lost its senses and completely gone mad with some type of Halloween intoxication, or is it just the end times and evil is just taking over this planet on a daily basis as man surrenders to evil and rejects good?


The Walking Dead season starts 10/11/15








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2 thoughts on “Zombie Apocalypse Overload

  1. The locals where I am really love the zombies, too, partly because of The Walking Dead being filmed all around us, including at my husband’s job once. We just left a zombie/demon/monster-filled Six Flags park today with more gore and guts than I’ve ever seen there for their Halloween season. We were sorry we went, but we were trying to escape Tomorrow World, which is right down the road (sounds like it’s in our yard!) We left town last year to avoid it and wish we had done that this year. The sounds get really weird at times… tribal…sometimes long weird tones that vibrate the whole house… Rain flooded their parking yesterday so they couldn’t let any new folks in on day 3, had to give refunds. They’re still rocking for the ones camping there, but God sure has a sense of humor! He is still totally in charge! Love keeping up with you and Kris and glad you’re back!

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