Obama’s Green Marxist March To Alaska, Denali & Climate Change!

Pres. Barack Obama has gone to Alaska to push the green  Marxist global warming agenda. Prior to his Glacier Summit speech, Obama decided to change Mount McKinley back to Denali, “the high one”. The name change is not what is important the process in which the name change happened is what is important. In another attempt to overstep his authority and negate the representative  process, Obama completely cut out the Congress from performing their duties in the renaming of this mountain. This is not acceptable from an elected leader of a representative republic. However, no one will do anything about it because the Republicans  have violated their oaths to protect the Constitution  and American citizens from both foreign and domestic threats.

Obama’s speech at the glacier Summit was more of his warmed over green Marxists sustainable energy agenda that he has pushed throughout his whole presidency. The president that has bankrupted the country more than all the other presidents combined is in no position to be listened to when it comes to solving problems. All anybody needs to do is remember the green energy company Solyndra, now bankrupt, which this president pitched to the American people. The green energy movement has proven to have been scandalous  with millions and potentially billions of squandered taxpayer money. It is the responsibility of Congress to fund not presidents that have a proven record of failure. These green slush fund flops always go uninvestigated with no one held accountable for the losses.  Note the time stamp of 15:50 and 18:30 in the following video of the glacier summit speech.  He basically says that anyone that disagrees with his position will not be tolerated.  This coming from a President that is a documented serial liar.

Obama paints an apocalyptic climate future that only him and his fellow global Marxists can correct. In essence, he says we can either do this the easy way or the hard way. Americans can expect to see the end of coal usage in the United States under this present leadership. Obama has no love for the American public and will proceed to serve his agenda  2030 masters.  Here he is using the office of President to push an inaccurate portrayal of American citizens causing climate change when Obama’s special interest elite backers are the worst climate violators.

Both Obama and the Pope are positioning themselves to push their One World agenda that does not include the American public. If you want to see the real future agenda of the elites then watch this video on the Georgia guide stones.

Here is the Cold War angle on this conference from a geopolitical analysis between the USA and Russia.

For a Look at the glacier summit for those familiar with the Luciferian Agenda then this adds additional material for those that look at these world events in a different way.

Enter The Stars Decodes Obama’s improv move to rename Mount McKinley.  Obama kool-aide drinkers better wake up to the fact that he doesn’t do anything without a hidden occult meaning.

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2 thoughts on “Obama’s Green Marxist March To Alaska, Denali & Climate Change!

  1. You obviously aren’t educated about the Marxist takeover of the globe through Agenda 21 now Agenda 2030. Both the Pope and Obama are coordinating their Marxist push. That is not bigotry, that is informing people about America no longer being a free country under a one world government. They have their agenda and Denali is just another way to show that Obama will not uphold the representative process. He acts as a tyrant. Denali is just a convenient tool to push the green agenda. Some people can’t see the forest for the tree. Enjoy the rest of September, it might interest you.

  2. The bible talks about what will happen to these osirion Marxist Jesuits bringing in the NWO through TRADE TPP mark of the beast technology. The prophecy of the Bible is unfolding before our very eyes!

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