Papal Brainwash Tour September 2015!

Pope Francis is scheduled to visit Washington DC in the United States in September 2015. There is a major media push by the Vatican and their media lackeys to promote something he is not.  the media blitz began with the Pope doing a joint video conference with young people in the United States.

Pope Francis is being viewed as a very cool and down to earth type of Pope. The children are even being brainwashed by this pope’s visit. They have been releasing videos calling him “The Cool Pope”. Here’s a video below to show you what  they’re doing with children’s cartoons.

The Pope is officially scheduled to visit Washington DC on September 22, 2015. On September 23, 2015, he will meet with Pres. Barack Obama and attend the canonization mass at the Basilica of the national shrine at Immaculate Conception that day He will then give a speech to the Senate House of Representatives in a joint session of Congress on the 24th. He will then leave for New York City to address the United Nations General assembly on September 25. On the 26th, he will leave to go to Philadelphia. On the 27th, Pope Francis will hold the Mass for The World Meeting of Families. This will mark the end of the pope’s official visit to The United States and he will return to Rome.

Never before have I seen such a media production to promote a man who clearly stands against all the principles of the United States and Christianity. He is a radical Marxist who is using his position to brainwash the masses within the Catholic Church and the uninformed public at large.  This is also the same man that doesn’t believe in Biblical Christianity but recommends “The Lord of The World”,  a book  detailing the rise of the Antichrist and the destruction of the Catholic Church.

The Nostradamus  Prophecy  of the two rivers and a pope was covered in the video above. I thought I would include it below:

The Vatican is pushing all this One World Control through the climate fraud.  Never listen to our trust a Jesuit, especially a Jesuit Pope!



Everybody Wants to Rule The World!! Especially Popes and Jesuits!

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