Death at The Church – The Kingsman Movie Prophecy

The  Kingsman  a 2014 movie, about a 007 style Secret Service  elite spy organization, portrayed some disturbing elements in the movie. The movie starred Colin Firth, an elite  agent with a special skill set to kill. He and his fellow kingsman operate outside the law on behalf of the elite aristocracy This organization is a reflection of the Knights Templar and Freemason intelligence networks, more specifically, the Jesuits. The Kingsman owes their allegiance only to their order and operates outside the bounds of all international organizations. I will insert the trailer below this paragraph so you can get a flavor for the movie.

This movie portrayed the coming apocalyptic agenda of the New World order and their hatred of Christianity. if you plan on seeing this movie, I am going to detail some of the facts and story plots from this movie in this post. There are a few subplots in this movie that are very interesting to me. One storyline is connected to the RFID chip and the insertion of this chip underneath the skin of humans near their ear. The inserted microchip can also be triggered by radio wave frequency to detonate and explode the microchip thereby terminating the person with the chip. Another story subplot revolves around a billionaire Internet philanthropist, named Valentine, who convinces people to use his free phones with no charges. He then uses these phones to trigger neural inhibitors so that people cannot stop themselves from fighting and killing each other.

This movie in true Hollywood fashion portrays the American church in an extremely negative light. The church portrayed in this movie is under surveillance by the national security agency NSA. it is noted as a potential threat to the national security of the nation. What is horrific about this portrayal is that it is based on the Westboro Baptist Church a noted favorite of the media. The church organization is targeted by the archvillain Valentine and the name is no mistake by Hollywood. I have found that this name is another name for Lucifer or the devil and has been used in other videos as a code for those in the know. The Samuel L Jackson photo below of Valentine is linked to my David Bowie feature. The David Bowie feature discusses his comeback album New Day.   One of the most warped  videos on this album is the single Valentine’s Day, which makes no sense to any normal listener but makes sense when you understand Valentine is the devil or represents Lupercalia.


Valentine Linked To My David Bowie videos discussing Valentines Day and The New Age Satanic Agenda in Music Videos

Enter The Stars on Youtube contributed the details of how Valentine’s Day and Lupercalia the werewolf festival are associated and how it is a hidden meaning for The Kingsman Movie.The proof that Lupercalia is related to this movie is based on the release date of this movie as February 13. I will go ahead and link the video discussing this festival, so you can get a better appreciation of the hidden things within movies.

Now to the most disturbing part of this movie,   THE  CHURCH SCENE. This scene is disturbing because I have never witnessed a complete assault on the house of God in the movies before to my knowledge. For those who have eyes to see the hatred of Christ and Christianity is palatable in Hollywood. This scene showed the complete annihilation of a congregation by Colin Firth. Of course, the disclaimer to this scene is that Colin Firth was under neural inhibitor control at the time that he was killing the congregants. Predictive programming  is placed in movies so that it enters into the subconscious mind of the population as a whole. The triggering sequence for the violence occurred when a female congregant confronted Firth as being a sodomite supporter, then the blood flowed. This movie opened the door for violence to enter the church. The message of kill them all became very clear and is also related to such movies as The Purge, which is related to Walpurgis before The Beltane Festival and May 1st The world is being taken over and plunged into the Satanic occult agenda America is asleep and I am writing this post because I have not heard one church speak out against this movie and the depiction of the slaughtering of Americans citizens in a church. A couple of days before the South Carolina church shooting, I commented to a coworker that if the Kingsman movie had depicted a black church being slaughtered you would have heard an outcry across America The point that there was no comments coming from mainstream denominations shows me the level of disconnect and unwillingness of the church leadership to shepherd their flock.

I asserted that the South Carolina shooting in the church is the Kingsman movie prophecy. It was an orchestrated false flag to promote racial division and to attack the Second Amendment as denoted by comments by Carl Rove and Barack Obama. The South Carolina shooting proceeded next to the Confederate flag associated with South Carolina. Everything that is being done today is to promote racial division and to divide and conquer the citizens of the United States. The Kingsman movie clearly showed this in the division between the super wealthy and the useless eaters. The Valentine solution was to depopulate the earth of the useless eaters to save the mother, Gaia. Global warming  was portrayed as the inflammatory response by mother Earth to overpopulation. These Satanists are insane. Below I am going to post the red silver J exposure of the South Carolina shooting as a planned shooting drill.

The main point that people need to take away from exposing shows and story lines is that media is completely compromised and news events are manufactured with an agenda such as gun control.  The only losers are the poor and middle class with the inbred elites collapsing the Old Order so they can start their New World Order.  I do believe that September is the time frame that these people will attempt to destroy the traditional global structure for all people.  They will fail and be judged by Jesus when he comes to clean house of these destroyers of humanity.


The French Revolution Sought to Destroy Christianity and The Same Spirit is Trying to do it globally once again, starting with The United States of America. The New Age Seeks To Destroy Christianity. Read this to see how The New Age will destroy Christianity.


9 thoughts on “Death at The Church – The Kingsman Movie Prophecy

  1. Hey:) After watching this movie recently I got the same feeling and immediately remembered your blog. I haven’t been around in a while but I must say I tell everyone about the great work you do by informing us about the details of what’s happening. Again I want to thank you soooo much for all the effort, it’s really appreciated:)

  2. I recently watched that movie and enjoyed it up until the church scene. Even without seeing the confederate flag later I was thinking this movie is planting the seed that violence is ok in the church. Than I saw
    The flag, noticed an Amerivan flag in the parking lot of the church (huh?), and saw the pan out to the church billboard that read “America is doomed “.

    I have been telling people that the young man who shot up that church was low on the totem pole and instructed to go and set it off to start this war back up.

      • Will you fight demons with guns like in idiot Hollywood movies ?
        Of course not.
        “My kingdom is not of this world.” – Christ
        “All these kingdoms are mine.” – Satan
        You’re a fool if you think you can stop violence with violence.
        And what are guns, if not violence ? The same manufacturers that allow you to “self-defend” (i.e. to kill) are selling guns and bullets to those who want you dead, are manufacturing bombs and other means to wipe out countries and continents.
        So who gives a shit about the 2nd amendment of a nation who enslaves other nations just to claim it holds to its multi-secular freedom ?
        What about freedom of others ?
        America is not the world and the world is not America.
        You’re another fool to think Christ will come especially for your arses who, most of the time, don’t even know the world’s main capitals or what people lives here or there. Or to save Manhattans’s “rich historical heritage”, as we see in Hollywood propaganda movies. Maybe he will come for the Natives rather than for the wasps, who knows ? It’s not said he will save the Christians and leave the others.
        I think you guys are dumbest than these movies.

  3. My son also pointed out that a portion of the Confederate flag can be seen behind Colin Firth as he stands in front of the open door to the church before he is shot by Valentine. It is on the wall to the right of the coats and hats that can be seen hanging in the entrance.

  4. Your view is correct. I am 36yrs old christian viewer who saw this movie and very annoyed and angry. But nobody mentioned about this movie but I found your writing! has insight.
    Open the eyes of our church!

    All men will hate you because of me.
    But he who stands firm to the end will be saved.
    Matthew 10:22

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