OSIRIS God of Tyranny and The Fixed Horse Race!!!!

This is a tribute to American Pharaoh and the symbolic fixing of horse races and sporting events by The Freemasons to act out their little religious plays in front of our faces.  As you know American Pharaoh won the Triple Crown on a 666 date.  This was to be expected do to the symbolic nature of the event for The followers of Osiris and The coming New World Order of Tyranny that they want to see occur on this planet.  Many are misguided into thinking that we are entering the new era or NEW AGE  a return to the Golden Age.  The Pre-Christian era also the new Trans-humanist era when men can become the little gods that they have always wanted to be since the Garden of Eden.  This pursuit is fulfilling the end times prophetic scriptures of The Holy Bible and according to that picture there will be a destruction of human life unparalleled in human history.  So let me just add a few videos that layout what is coming starting with American Pharaoh winning:

American Pharaoh Wins One For Osiris with a Little Help From His Friends (Happy Freemason Day!!!)

Obama celebrates with fellow G-7 New World Order Friends at a Bavarian Illuminati castle resort that would make Jesuit Illuminati founder Adam Weishaupt from Ingolstadt University roll over in his grave with joy. Happy Illuminati day!  Maybe they got a group photo with Weishaupt?  Of course the resort that they chose to celebrate in was used as a rest and recuperation center for The Nazi’s in WWII.

So now lets connect the dots for those not up to speed on These Conspiracy Theories.  It starts for most people with the pronouncement by a Skull and Bones Illuminati President that there is this opportunity For A NEW WORLD ORDER.  This is the President that got America into the Middle East, where we have never left.

Now The Freemasons expect to complete their great work in 2016.  They have been working toward this goal for centuries.  Of course everything that they are working for relates to there god Osiris who will destroy humanity with his Mark of The Beast 666 technology.  So here is the final clip of Osiris coming to rule humanity, the real pharaoh of the secret societies. Also notice The Four Horsemen of The Apocalypse that come with him.  This is the globalist elite’s dream for humanity!  This is what you get when you are led by lying Satan worshipping Psychopaths, slavery and destruction.

This is it!

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10 thoughts on “OSIRIS God of Tyranny and The Fixed Horse Race!!!!

  1. Hey Tim, what happened to Endtimesmewsmatrix on Youtube? Seems the site has been closed out as of today 6/16/15.

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