Suggested U.S. National Police Force Is Unconstitutional

The RAND corporation’s Nazi style tactics to replicate the Fourth Reich. Obama will use The Baltimore Freddy Gray case to bring in a national police force which is a replay of Germany before WWII. Nazi’s and Communists run the American government. There is no representation of the citizens anymore, just false flags and military responses. This all violates Posse Comitatus. Obama’s 2012 NDAA which the Republicans just supported again takes away our rights not to be policed by the military. The Tyrants are here and in control.


Unconstrained Truth

Just recently RAND Corporation, a research arm of the U. S. military, released a study titled A Stability Police Force For The United States: Justification And Creating U. S. Capabilities. In this research RAND concluded that this new force would be a hybrid between law enforcement and military. They would create this new force from within the U. S  Marshal Service. Their role in the Marshal Service would be as stated in the study, “in a range of tasks such as crowd and riot control, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), and investigations of organized criminal groups”.  In the RAND study the size of the unit would be relatively small somewhere around the range of two-6,000 personnel.  Yet after further reading the study we find out that this new unit could, as in their words, “could be increased by augmenting it with additional federal, state, or local police from the United…

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