As Above So Below The Seven Connection to CERN part 1 – Anthony Patch Interview

This is a follow-up episode podcast which picks up from the last episode dealing with Markarian 421. On this podcast we get into the symbolism connected to CERN and look at several things related  to the concept   “As Above So Below”.  Anthony  Patch joins us to discuss the physics behind CERN.    Kris  provides a detailed slideshow dealing with the astronomical constellations  As they relate to  CERN.  Join us now for a very interesting discussion which takes us into  all types of rabbit holes connected with the end times.  We feel privileged as an end times ministry to be able to bring this type of show to the listening audience.   If you find this video to be a blessing please give it a thumbs up.  I will also include a follow-up video that’s just coming out Age of Ultron and you’ll see that it is connected to  CERN.  I am posting the Kev Baker show instead of the original deleted show.  Sorry that I didn’t save backups.

This is the Marvel video clip describing CERN Listen carefully and you will hear the connections in this video with CERN.


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9 thoughts on “As Above So Below The Seven Connection to CERN part 1 – Anthony Patch Interview

  1. Excellent information. Question for you: Why the name “Alice”? Since it’s such a departure from their typical occultic naming scheme? Just curious about that. Yes, I know about “Alice through the Looking Glass” and “Alice falling through the Rabbit Hole”, but there still seems to be something more to it. It just seems so out of place somehow! TY

    • It probably is a play on words. Alice is probably used in place of ALS, as in the Ice bucket challenges that we saw this past year. The ice bucket symbolism was used in the “Well of Souls” episode 5 of DIG also. I haven’t spent time on the ALS ice bucket challenge, fire and ice rituals. It is definitely worth investigating. Thanks for the question.

      • There was an occultist named Alice Bailey.

        There’s a quote that goes like this: If you state into the abyss too long, the abyss will state into you. I believe it’s true that we can become intrigued and that attracts the demons the occultist think serve them as “spirits”. That is likely how they get their messages, remote viewing, etc. Some Christians have been used as such by God, but they didn’t seek out those abilities. That’s why I am suspicious of charismatic services. You might say there are higher gifts, but, deep down, you want the extraordinary abilities, which can set you up for failure when He tests you by stripping you of feeling his presence as a test of faith. Some are even messing with the occult! Go to a church that is furthest removed from any who trips. I saw that in the Catholic Church’s Latin Mass.

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  3. Pingback: Neo, wake up! We Really DO live in The Matrix! What does CERN have to do with it? - But That's Just Me

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