Fascists helped ousted Pope

Real non-Jesuit rewritten history that Bill O’Reilly can’t spin in his spin zone. Now that the world follows the Jesuits and their News presstitutes, people will never know real history. Communist Core, the new globalist approved indoctrination system will make sure that tyrants won’t be challenged again as the Pope was in 1870.

News that matters

The Kingdom of Italy removed Roman Catholicism as state religion in 1870. In 1929 the Papal system was brought back by the Fascists, though the Treaties of Lateran. With Benito Mussolini as the midwife, The present Vatican state was born.

In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south ot Rome. In 1848, the Pope of Rome was exiled to the Castle of Gaeta 120 kilometer south of Rome.

The Papal system was the ruler of Kings and Kingdoms. It was the biggest landowner of the divide Italian peninsula of many small states. It had its own army, and a Pope sitting in Rome.

On September 10 in 1870 A.D, Italy declared war on the Papal States. The Italian Army, commanded by General Raffaele Cadorna, crossed the papal frontier on 11 September and advanced slowly toward Rome. He was hoping that a peaceful entry could be negotiated.

The Italian Army reached the Aurelian Walls on 19 September and placed Rome under…

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2 thoughts on “Fascists helped ousted Pope

  1. Protestant ignorance. The attacks on the Catholic Church at that time were FREEMASONIC, you noob, and therefore of the devil. So dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb, dumb. Protestantism is not salvific; you are damned outside God’s true Church. The 1870’s were the beginning of the overwhelming satanic attacks on the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church, the true Church of God on Earth, which led to the satanic 20th Century, and the ushering in of the “New World Order” which we know is Satanic, and which replaces the “Old World Order,” which was based on Christ and His one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church. You protties aid and abet the Luciferians in their hateful campaign against the true religion. Stop it now.

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