CERN And DNA Manipulation Anthony Patch Interview

This is the second of two segments done on the same day with Anthony Patch.  The issue of DNA mapping was discussed.  This is a new area for discussion on the topic of CERN.  As Anthony states, most of CERN’s current discussions center around opening portals and the discovery of the God particle or the Higgs Boson.  Anthony introduces the topic of creating artificial DNA in a triple helix fashion to form the Image of The Beast from The Book of Revelation.  This is the hidden occult agenda, man becoming God by creating their own creation.  The lie from the Garden is being repeated at CERN.  Listen now to this introductory discussion on this topic.

Part 1

Part 2

I will add an additional video which discusses artificial DNA and future shows will go into expanding on this theme.

This video begins discussing creating and printing DNA strands at time stamp 2:35.  You get to see that they have been discussing this back in 2013.  Now this will be utilized at CERN and be connected to creating The Image Of The Beast.

In Pop Culture, this topic is clearly communicated in the Movie, “Transcendence”.

This movie fits with Kurzwell’s Singularity University shown in the video above.  This is the Transhumanist’s dream and this is the goal of CERN in September 2015.  This movie shows scientific HUBRIS and playing into the hands of the serpent.  I recommend this movie for those who want to understand uploading human conscience into an AI computer and then creating its own body to download into as The Beast.

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  1. Slides for this interview are included in Here in Kris’s Blog (<<<<<Click)

11 thoughts on “CERN And DNA Manipulation Anthony Patch Interview

    • Yes, I did not have as much control over my show as I wanted and ran into problems. I have more control doing the videos until the internet disappears. I haven’t got to the point of converting the shows into mp3 download links. But with net neutrality, all alternative Christian news may end quickly.

  1. Hi Tim..Do you know what will happen to mankind, in general, when they open the CERN portal…I have heard that the particles that are missing electrons are very unstable for a reason and that is to create a big bang that can make things new..Will this in fact make changes to ALL PEOPLE ON THE EARTH? OR in other words change God’s laws of creation…I hope I am making myself clear and not confusing you..With this in mind, I am also wondering how we as believers could possibly remain dedicated to our God when we have been changed?? What is your take on this? I know too that we have nano particles within our bodies that have been set up through chemtrails and GMO’s..I would really appreciate your input..I have emailed Anthony but i don’t know if he will get around to sending an answer….Blessings, D.

    • Thanks for the question. I think Anthony, myself and Kris are in agreement that we don’t expect to be here during the portal being opened. I think a rapture event is Biblical and would address dealing with a compromised polluted body and world. Lucifer and his Luciferians will basically be trying to recreate everything in his image, genetically, and destroy Gods creation. I think this is why the restrainer is removed and Gods people will be removed to deal with Satan’s mess, Keep up the good questions.

      • If you really want the truth, this whole “opening up portals at Cern” and the pope speaking in Sept 2015 and we get “raptured” at that point is ALL a part of the great DELUSION. It ain’t gonna happen at that time. The rapture I mean.Don’t you see? The media, EVERYWHERE the news is pushing this….the youtube videos, the press, the alien disclosure, the blood moons yada, yada, yada,,,,,everything is “pointing” us to EXPECT something BIG to happen and we are raptured outta here….except that, there’s NO rapture then. Yes, there very well could be major catclysmic events: tsunamis, earth events….and the people who DIE from a tsunami AND they happen to be a true believer in Jesus Christ…well, they ARE “raptured” for all intents and purposes. But they went to be with the Lord because they “died’- not because they were “raptured”.

        So don’t hang your hat on the believers being raptured….yet. At the very least, the rapture does not happen UNTIL the “man of sin” is REVEALED to the world. And that has not happened yet. Give a few more years.Read 2 thessalonians 2.It says it right there plain as day.But hey, if you are killed in a tusnami….you get to be with the Lord. So it’s a win-win either way.

      • Sure all people can fall for hype as with Y2K, or 2012 Mayan calendar, the main point is to always be ready as a Christian and keep praying for his kingdom to come and will to be done.

  2. This is Satan’s last stand to change what God created into what he is turning us into for a world takeover

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