CERN 2015 Anthony Patch Interviews on DEWs & Boat of RA

End Times Matrix News is dedicated to bringing news that pertains to End Times Events and Bible Prophecy.  We are fortunate that Anthony Patch has given us his valuable time to do some extended interviews on what we believe is the most important topic for 2015, CERN.

Anthony Patch has been following CERN for the past 15 years and wants the public to get the the scientific information that is behind CERN.  These interviews should sober you up as to what humanity is facing right now in 2015.  Many will decide to stay oblivious to this type of information but as a watchman ministry, we put the word out to those too busy to do extensive independent research.  The media is owned by only 6 corporations and suppresses this type of information and only puts out surface stories for the public to continue about their lives.  Christian watchmen are viewing the CERN experiments with great concern because it appears that the September date will be the full power up that has the potential for destroying the earth.  So what is really going on at CERN and what could have scientists risk life on earth to go ahead with such insane experiments.  Listen now to the first two interviews with author Anthony Patch as he explains the science behind CERN and the secret elite agenda driving such science.

Anthony Patch Interview On DEW (Direct Energy Weapons)

Anthony Patch Interview on The Boat of Ra

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9 thoughts on “CERN 2015 Anthony Patch Interviews on DEWs & Boat of RA

  1. Would it be okay if I can post this on my Website TheseChristianTimes.Com. Would it be okay if I use the title Cern: They Mystery of Ancient Cultures. Please let me know. This will be posted at midnight tonight

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  3. Why can’t we access any content these days please

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