End Times Matrix News – The Scorpion King

On this edition of ETMN, Kris joins me to discuss her newest blog post on the origins of The Scorpion King and the connection to the Biblical Cain.  Kris has discovered some interesting connections and shares the last 1.5 hours of the show on this topic.  The first 40 minutes reviews the current breaking stories and their connection to end time events.  There is a brief 3 minute pause in the show do to a dropped phone call but the remainder of the show is loaded with a lot of insight on this topic.


The Scorpion King Podcast Replay Link

Show Links:

  1. Kris’s Scorpion King Blog
  2. Wesley Clark 9/11 Perpetual War video
  3. Iran Missile Crisis Video
  4. Drone Crashes on White House Grounds Video
  5. American Sniper Controversy
  6. TPP Trade Deal will destroy America
  7. Netanyahu To Come To Congress
  8. Perpetual War Doctrine

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