End Times Matrix News – Time Travelers

On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I discuss the world and its race toward the New World Order and how Time Travel is related to world events and the eventual use of CERN in March to open up a space time continuum.  The demonic forces are definitely driving the global decent into destruction and world leaders are clamping down on freedom through secret trade agreements like TPP and CISPA to eliminate freedom of speech on the internet.  Listen to the Podcast replay below and see how Christ is the bridge to eternal salvation and no politician, government, or Pagan philosophy.


Time Travel Podcast Replay Link

Show Links:

  1. Saudi King Death & Mahdi Prophecy
  2. Currency Wars & Global Ponzi Scheme
  3. State Of The Union Decoded Obama Lies
  4. Project Almanac Time Travel Trailer



5 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Time Travelers

  1. I received a videolink of the Gray State, the man who made the video is murdered this week with his family.

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