End Times Matrix News – Queen of Heaven

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to continue our discussion on the multi-named Gods and Goddesses that are related to the Queen of Heaven and Lucifer.  The beginning of the show starts with a presentation on the Luciferian origins of The United Nations and their agenda to enthrone Lucifer.  This history is very eye opening for those that think they know the history of the United Nations.  During the first portion of the show several connections are made to compress and simplify an understanding of the forces working together to bring in the New World Order.  The second part of the show continues to elaborate on ISIS and the coming ascension of Apollo.  Several pop culture movies are also connected with the Luciferian agenda in this show.  Enjoy the podcast replay.


The Queen of Heaven Mary Apparition at Fatima which the Muslim world venerates.

Show Links:

The United Nations Video (<<<Click)

Sydney Shooting Matrix Connections (<<<Click)

Fox News Murdoch & Valerie Jarrett Article (<<<Click)

UN invading America with Muslims (<<<Click)

Pakistan Charity Drive for Christmas 2014 (<<<Click)

Katy Perry Dark horse Video with Egyptian imagery (<<<Click)

Inna Music Video with Heavy Pyramid, Trapezoid, triangle symbolism related to Ash-era Caution (<<<Click)


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