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On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I discuss more things connected to the Saturn cube and how it is connected to this fallen nature matrix.  Again this is information that 99% of the population has never heard about in their lives.  Why does the Saturn cult have so much influence over society?  What is behind this Saturn connection and the occult world leaders?  On this show we get into many things related to Christ overcoming this Saturn Matrix.  Why do Muslims walk around a black cube?  Why do some orthodox Jews wear a black cube on their head?  Why does the 911 memorial have a black cube constructed in the ground?  Why does the occult venerate this cube?  Who is the Lord of The Rings of Saturn?  Listen now to this rebroadcast of the Saturn Matrix podcast below:


The Saturn Matrix Podcast Link

Links Below:

Hidden in plain sights great 2011 article on this topic


Hidden in Plain Sights 2001 article Linked to photo

Lucifer’s 9/11 Freedom From God Tower


9/11 Lucifer’s Freedom Tower Article. Knocking it down and Building this Abomination was No Mistake.

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3 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Saturn Matrix

  1. Great show!… Where would be a great start for someone new to be waken up; a 101 course? It seems like me, all of my material goes right over the heads of people. Charles

    • Thanks, It depends on what the person wants to wake up to regarding the matrix. Many understand the New World Order global dictatorship but don’t want anything to do with Jesus. I believe Christ is the only escape from this false reality that is coming to an end no matter what people believe. There are many video sources and many books but how do you teach someone spiritual discernment? All media is controlled and few give a straight message. The formula is part truth mixed with deception to make you miss the mark. Some sources to check to get started are Dr. Stan Monteith that just died: http://youtu.be/9UagqOHScNs Also Christians who do good videos like Round Saturn Eye on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLMMB224-G5l7alRzP9l8hMHocvf9a_Q5y
      The Fuel Project is another great series of excellent videos that lays out a clear understanding for those that follow want to understand how Christ is the savior and only way out of this false reality.

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