End Times Matrix News – Human Computers

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to continue discussing the enormous amount of material breaking each day regarding the premeditated destruction of America and the Rise or Ascension of Apollo and the New World Order.  The news is breaking daily and orchestrated chaos is the method that is employed by the Illuminati Satanists and their Luciferian objectives.  This show also goes into the transition from Humanity into the Borg Hive Satanic creation.  Satan or Lucifer is not capable of being omnipresent or creating from scratch.  He is a counterfeiter and a reverse engineering deserver of those that follow The Left Hand Path.  The Freemasons and their illuminati occultist friends will bring in the rule of their cruel god and reap the eternal rewards which they have earned for their dedication to evil.  Join us now for the “Human Computer” podcast replay brought to you by only sponsors dogs, the only security system that you have to feed and clean up after.  Enjoy!


The Statue of Apollo/Isis/Mithras/Jupiter and The Luciferian Lightbringer Torch


William and Kate visit New York With the Many Illuminati Connections (<<<Click)

Ascension Syfy 3 Day Event (<<<Click)

The Hobbit Battle of 5 Armies (<<<Click)

Russian Planes Over The United States (<<<Click)

LA Fire Connected To Agenda 21 (<<<Click)

Egypt Maneuvering Against Israel Now? (<<<Click)

Chicago Red Alert Filming Police Banned In Our Fascist Police State (<<<Click)

Jesus & The Eclipses A study by Enter The Stars (<<<Click)






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