End Times Matrix News – World Alert!

This show focuses on the escalation toward the Satanic New World Order!  The United States is being conditioned to undergo a major destruction of the dollar.  America is under judgement and Kris and I discuss the many factors leading up to the major false flag events that will be used by the Fascist New World Order Traitors within our government.  Don’t be fooled by the Right/Left dynamic.  It is just a game with one team that is pitted against the normal sheeple that are not involved with this Endtimes Satanic agenda.


World Alert Podcast Replay!

Show Links:

1) X22 Financial Report Video (<<<Click)

2) Harbinger Tree Dies (<<<Click)

3) Obama’s Latest Immigration Treason (<<<Click)

4) Stocks to crash by 50% (<<<Click)

5) Zen Garcia Fiery Serpent Video (<<<Click)




4 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – World Alert!

  1. Thank you always for sending the updates Tim. I read them as much as possible.

    Hope you are doing fine.

    God bless brother, have a blessed Sunday.


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