Illuminati Manufactured Race Wars – Ferguson Missouri

The Illuminati and the New World Order Agenda to destroy America is based on “Ordo Ab Chao”, the primary slogan of Freemasonry.  The point is to destroy the old order and bring in the Luciferian age of Lucifer The Light bearer.  The End Justifies the means is the anything goes philosophy that is followed by these occult devotees.  Pop culture followers unfamiliar with this agenda may be familiar with such sayings as, “Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”.  This is a Satanic slogan that was embraced by Ben Franklin’s “Hell Fire Club” and later by Rock N Roll Godfather, Aleister Crowley, known as The Beast.  Race wars are just one of the methods for promoting chaos and all signs are pointing to Ferguson, Missouri as the Watts or LA Riots that the Illuminati wants to create to impose martial law.  The only way to frustrate their plans is to not cooperate with their manufactured chaos events.  Unfortunately, the American population has been completely conditioned through social brain washing to fall into these elite social programmers traps.  So I am including John Moore’s post on what is being planned against the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri and the American population as a whole by the traitors from within.

I think what is most interesting about this story is that the release of the verdict has been rumored for over a month.  At this point it seems that it has been postponed until now to allow for President Obama’s Immigration Executive order to occur following the riots.  A manufactured race event followed by a racially charged illegal executive order really pours gas on the fire.  But of course that is the idea!


The Great Divider in Chief Doing His Best To Destroy America

Hollywood’s Social Programming Promoting Race Rioting in America


No Church In The Wild, Illuminati Rage Programming




2 thoughts on “Illuminati Manufactured Race Wars – Ferguson Missouri

  1. As our Lord enjoined us to seek out what is true, I find this constant use of the Illuminati as a trobe to be counter-productive as any such secret society is actually non-Scriptural. Not to mention that this secret society ceased to exist in 1784, when Carl Theodore issued an edict outlawing all secret societies in German.
    For as the Scripture tells us, Satan is “the god of this world”, and the power “that worketh in the children locked in disobedience”. Therefore, in the nature of the case, we ought to be more realistic and take on the Apostle Peter’s teaching on these corrupt men who worship Satan and view them as “slaves”, not masters.
    And I believe that the Thinker, Doris Lessing was so right, when she so famously said that, “The key fact of what’s behind and driving our civilization, is intelligent intent. And that its fast-forwarding us beyond our natural ability to think, and means us nothing but the greatest harm.
    And she went on to say, that while lessor facts are constantly debated, and fought over, the key fact is ignored completely.
    I believe one of those lessor facts, is all this debate over the Illuminati.

    • Exposing the dark is one way of warning people as a watchman and many people serve many different roles in the body of Christ. For those that search out the topic “illuminati” then this post and others can lend a Christian take on how to view these End Time events.

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