End Times Matrix News – Dark Forces

On this edition of ETMN, I continue our discussion with Kris on the Dark Forces manifesting through portals into this world.  The Satanists are saturating all media with the coming antichrist.  The antichrist system is being implemented into everyday life and most people don’t even recognize the Satanic matrix.  I mention many movies related to the antichrist being birthed and put some of these images of the Beast rising out of the ocean and the work being done with CERN to open evil portals.


Dark Forces Podcast Replay


1) Saturn’s Titan Moon & Kraken Mare (<<<Click)

2) Release The Kraken Rise of The Beast of Revelation (<<<Click)

3) CERN Portals & Satanic Agenda in Media (<<<Click)

4) CERN Portal & Oculus Dimensional Travel (<<<Click)

Kris’s Blog (<<<Click)


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