A Lego Movie Review – All that Glitters is Not Gold

Awesome, analysis on The Lego Movie. It is hardcore Gnosticism which reflects the Cabbalists who run Hollywood and infuse their Mystery School teachings into everything. They operate by deception and don’t ask permission before violating children’s minds. Just as the Fabian socialists have the wolf in sheeps clothing as their symbol, Hollywood preys on the ignorant and allows their “Do as thou Wilt” philosophy to violate all of us for their Lucifer God.

simmerings of a saxon

The LEGO Movie: All that glitters is not gold.

Table of Contents

THE GLITTER 1    THE BASIC PLOT 2   GNOSTICISM 4   SYMBOLS. 7   THE EVIDENCE 9   The Names: 9   The Horns of Moloch: 9   The Star of Ishtar: 10   Emmet’s mind 12   Magic Wand Inserted into Fish Mouth 13   Left Only 14    Heading Into the Sun 15   Cloud Cuckoo Land 16   Climbing the Rainbow 16   Bull Deity Moloch 18   The All Seeing Eye 18   The Saturn Cube 19   Triangles 23   CONCLUSION 24   Bibliography 25   AFTERWARD 26



In watching the LEGO movie from a parental and educational point of view, the positive elements are not difficult to find. With learning outcomes, standardized testing, and societal expectations to lock children and students into a “one size…

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2 thoughts on “A Lego Movie Review – All that Glitters is Not Gold

  1. Wow… That was quite in depth, and overall a very good explanation of how movies can use effective “layering techniques”, whereby on the surface they might put forth a message that as I parent I can more or less agree with, yet underneath is a complex and disturbing tapestry of symbolism and pageantry that certainly is gnostic to it’s core…

    I confess I took my son to this movie in the theater, and then we later bought the DVD, and it’s one of my kid’s favorites (although they get tired with it quickly like they do everything…) and since I’ve seen it quite a few times now, I was familiar with a fair amount of the stuff he points out, but I also had no idea about the origins of things like Cloud Cuckoo Land coming from Greek mythology and so on. Very interesting. Throughout the whole thing, it’s of course hard for anyone aquainted with occultism to miss the prevalence of “portals” everywhere. That aspect alone shows how much it serves as a type of allegory for the mystical view of the universe. But then again, in the synopsis, it says that the “Dad/Lord Business” character portrays a sort despotic God, the “bad guy” from a gnostic point of view, yet, in the actual movie, the story’s hero saves the day not by defeating/destroying the bad guy, but by stretching out his hand in an offer of friendship, so I’m not sure how that totally fits the Luciferian overthrow of God motif. I had assumed that the ending basically portrayed the “false good/bad dichotomy” idea, or “all is one in the end” sort of thing, ya know, the “there is good in everyone if you look hard enough” sort of message which essentially says that there is no such thing as sin or evil really and it’s all an illusion, etc. Anyhow, this was a really interesting read, thx for reposting it.

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