End Times Matrix News – Hells Gates

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to discuss the issue of Hell and how it relates to what is going on these days with gates, portals, CERN and The New World Order.  The Freemason agenda of Ordo Ab Chao is well underway with some type of Chaos being televised every day on America’s trance machines known as TV.  The end times is about deception and lies coming from the elites who are allied with the Fallen angels and there Demon agents.  It is time to get grounded in Christ and avoid The Tribulation.  Breaking stories on RFID implants are also played in this episode which shows how close we are to a major transition in our world into Satan’s kingdom known as the New World Order.


Hell’s Gates Podcast Replay


1) Paul Begley RFID Chip Planned Inoculation Video (<<<Click)

2) FEMA Region II Pandemic Exercise (<<<Click)

3) Tartarus Biblical Definition  (<<<Click)

4) Pope Denies Creation Embraces Evolution (<<<Click)

5) Obama’s British Heritage (<<<Click)

6) British Involvement in USA (<<<Click)

7) Winston Churchill Druid  (<<<Click)

8) Jonas Salk Google Doodle (<<<Click)


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