Insurance Companies Begin Writing ‘Ebola Exclusions’ into Policies

Originally posted on ACGR's "News with Attitude":
Christina Sarich 10/28/2014 Source ….. Remember the promise of universal health care with Obamacare, with no refusal for ‘pre-existing conditions’? It looks like your insurance company may not have to cover you if you get Ebola. U.S. and British insurance companies have begun writing Ebola exclusions into…


End Times Matrix News – Hells Gates

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to discuss the issue of Hell and how it relates to what is going on these days with gates, portals, CERN and The New World Order.  The Freemason agenda of Ordo Ab Chao is well underway with some type of Chaos being televised every day…