End Times Matrix News – Satan’s Kingdom

On this edition of ETMN, Kris joins me to discuss the Illuminati forces trying to utilize The Babylon Gate.  Satan’s End Time Kingdom is doomed and there is no chance of success for the members of Satan’s kingdom.  Bible prophecy points to Satan’s destruction and all his followers.  Satan’s time is limited and his attempt to form the New World Order or Fourth Reich to challenge Jesus Christ is just around the corner.  The United States is being exposed globally by information dumps implicating the illuminati Shadow Government to turn the world against America.  In order to establish the New World Order, America must fall and then global Fascism/Communism will be implemented through the United Nations and the Seed of Satan Blue bloods that want to cull the worlds populations through pandemics such as the Ebola virus, which the CDC has the patents to this man made plague.  The quicker the worlds populations wake up to the end times extermination program then the quicker that these evil inbred cabals can be exposed and drove out of positions of authority.  The show also addresses the loss of the great Christian New World Order researcher Dr. Stan Montieth and how I view him as our modern day Methusaleh.  Listen now to this podcast replay posted below:


Satan’s Kingdom Replay Podcast

Links For this Podcast Below:

1)  Iraq Stargate Post:  (<<<<Click)

2) Babylon Future Headquarters of Antichrist? (<<<<Click)

3) Illuminati Shard Tower in London (<<<<Click)

4) Illuminati Shard Fire Tower Azerbaijan & Kazakhstan (<<<<Click)

5) Dr. Stan Monteith Death Notice (<<<<Click)


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3 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Satan’s Kingdom

  1. This was such a great episode. One of the best so far imo. You guys were both speaking straight under the inspiration of the Spirit at several points. I got chills and teary when you started talking about Dr. Stan being like the “Methuselah” of our age, so true…. It does indeed seem like his passing serves as a sort of sign that the “rain” is about to start falling…

    I definitely intend to research that photo of the “stargate” in Iraq further. I have to say, at first glance, it strikes me as suspect, but I’m hearing about this whole idea of the different stargates in the middle east from many sources now, and I’m wanting to understand it…

    You guys have been such an encouragement to me. Many, many thanks for doing what you’re doing.

    • Thanks, I definitely appreciated Dr. Stan for his dedication to God and all of us to let everyone know about real history and not the fake junk that we have been spoon fed by Satan’s minions. The Stargate phenomenon is accurate. The article I linked was just a starter, I see the stargate in everything these days even in the last Transformers movie, Age of Extinction.

      • Indeed.. One thing that really startled me (speaking of the prevalence of stargates in pop culture), was how young all my kids were when they learned about “portals” from cartoons and such. When my son was like 3 years old, if you showed him a picture of any swirling vortex looking thing, and asked him what it was, he’d say “that’s a portal”… Crazy. How telling is it that the concept of interdimensional travel via “portals” in something I’ve never had to even try and explain to my kids, because it’s something that totally saturates kid’s shows, movies, video games, etc, they ALL understand the idea on an almost assumptive level….

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