End Times Matrix News – Fallen Angels Part1

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to discuss part 1 of possibly a several part series.  This is a fascinating topic that has caught many peoples attention over the past decade as it relates to Biblical stories.  This first part focused on the introduction to the topic and some opening commentary on Eric Holder and Obama at the United Nations.  We ended the show on the topic of the Nachash and The spear of destiny.  The second show will pick up at the spear of destiny and continue from that point.  Enjoy this first hour which connects a lot of loose ends from movies and Biblical themes surrounding the first part related to Fallen Angels.


Fallen Angels Part 1 Podcast Link

Links Below:

1) Evangelist Anita’s referenced podcast (<<< Click)

2) Jonathan Kleck UN Obama Video (<<< Click)


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