New World Order American Genocide Monument Updated With 2014 Addition!!!!

I am sorry to interrupt your previously scheduled program on dumbing you down into a Drooling brain damaged sheeple  population.  I thought it might be a good idea to shake out some of the cobwebs and notice that a global genocide program has just been updated.  You might be interested in this topic because you won’t be in the Deep Under Ground Military Base(DUMBS)  to avoid the planned genocide.  The Georgia Guidestones is an Illuminati monument to premeditated genocide.  You are the problem and they think killing you is the solution.  So the breaking story is that The Guidestones that were built in the gravestone capitol of America have been updated.  Yes, The Skull & Bones dedicated March 22, 1980 monument (322) was just updated with the date of 2014!!! Wow, isn’t that nice of the global Satanists to warn us about the death that they are going to cause!  I hope that makes them feel better letting us in on the plans.  So here is an excellent video updating the changes to the monument and I will include links below the video to other past articles that will show the occult fingerprints on the end times.  Just a thought maybe when Ted Turner gave that $1 Billion dollars to the United Nations it wasn’t to help the poor but  to pay funeral expenses for the poor victims?  Just a thought!

Below are other in depth articles which touch on The New World Order And Their Planned Satanic Kingdom:

1) Zenith 2016 & The New World Order

2) Satanic Illumination Process Podcast

3) 9/11 Was Occult Terrorism

4) The New World Order Counterfeit of Genesis 47

5) Hail Hydra (aka Heil Hitler) The NWO is The Fourth Reich


2 thoughts on “New World Order American Genocide Monument Updated With 2014 Addition!!!!

    • Yes, I wrote this post in a satirical way rather than just a reporting of facts to elicit a response from folks to pay attention to things like this. This is a major event the adding of a date to such an evil monument. So I want people to take notice that crazy people are putting their genocide plans into motion. If the way I wrote this post makes some take notice then that is good.

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