End Times Matrix News – Egyptian America

In this edition of ETMN, Kris joins me to discuss the continuing issues surrounding the Egyptian pantheon and the impact on America and the relation to the moors.  Barack Obama was correct when he and his fellow occultists said that America was no longer a Christian nation.  The first 25 minutes is a monologue on the Scotland referendum and the coming Ebola martial law program and I will leave links for the articles showing that Ebola Martial law is the main agenda and the occultists are working to get their Antichrist Masonic God in place by 2016.  There is an extensive portion of the show dedicated to the Papal Crests and the connection to the Moors.  Michael Erevna’s article on the esoteric meaning of the Papal Crest is analyzed as it pertains to information hidden in plain sight.  So listen to the podcast replay and get informed on things going on in America.


Podcast Replay Link For Moors, Freemasons, Templars, Islam, America & Egyptian Paganism


Facebook Show Page Link


Links Related To The Podcast for further Investigation:

1) Scotland Voter Fraud Allegations

2) Dave Hodges Nuclear FEMA/CDC Investigations

3) CDC Involvement with Ebola/Martial Law Scenario

4) Moorish Coat of Arms & Ratzinger Connection with Papacy

5) Vatican Esoteric Meaning Behind It’s Coat of Arms (Main Article)

6) Government Directed Intentional Dumbing Down of The Sheeple Article

7) Harry Potter Becomes Satan in his new movie “HORNS” (Video)


5 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Egyptian America

  1. Hey Tim- I think you referenced the “silver gate” and the “golden gate” as they pertain to the occult in this episode? Do you have any links for the info you were covering on this?

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