The Beginning Of Sorrows: The Worst Outbreak Since The “Plague”

Yes, the watchmen have been watching this story for months and have witnessed abject inept incompetence by governments in containing this epidemic. We need to stay in Christ and depend on his divine power to protect us from such evil pestilences.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

Beginning of Sorrows

Media outlets are reporting that the Ebola outbreak is spreading across Africa at speeds not seen since the Black Plague hit Europe in the middle ages.  Millions of people died in this plague.  It was a very dark time for Europe.  Medical personnel on the ground in Africa are warning and asking for help.  Recently another large area has been quarantined cutting off an entire city, in Sierra Leone, confining 6 million people.   Residents were told to stay home for 3 days.  Workers were going door to door searching for sick people.   The world seems helpless to control or contain this deadly disease.  CNN is reporting that blood from the few survivors is reaching the black market and being sold the WHO is scrambling to warn against this as it can lead to the spread of other diseases also like HIV.  “It is not known whether antibodies…

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