End Times Matrix News – Obama’s Secrets

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris to discuss the strange secret society group called The Moorish Holy Temple of Science and how Islam is related to the USA and Barack Obama.  This show covered a great deal of information about the secret society cabals and how they are working together for a New World Order.  What we are seeing is that we are entering a period of time which is based on 7 year periods X 7.  It seems that this time period is what the secret societies knew about concerning the destruction of the Old Order and their attempt to start a new Satanic World order after this period which ends on September 13, 2015.  Many esoteric gematria topics are covered with a focus on the goddess worship which occurs in Islam.  Listen now to the show below and I will link some of the main topics at the bottom of the page for further study.


Moorish pyramid with 49 or 7X7

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3 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Obama’s Secrets

  1. I was with you until the point where u guys said, “America was great force for progress in the world, until Obama….”

    Why is there always this sort of knee-jerk reaction to Obama as if he is anything new? I know you guys understand that he’s merely a puppet of the folks who’ve been in power in the U.S. for a long time now, so why get all particularly irksome towards Obama as if the “Left” is really a thing in itself…? It’s two hands of the same Luciferian thang…

    • You of course are right concerning that topic of Obama. I would of course agree that it is a one party system and Obama is just the new creation. As in I Pet Goat, Bush had the strings on him but Obama didn’t have the strings. So I didn’t know I sounded that way but I am still angry over the President Baphomet show that we witnessed on 9/10/14.

      • I know…. It’s hard not to get vexed (no pun intended) It IS infuriating to watch a man stand in front of the tv cameras and just lie through his teeth. At least with Dubya you could almost convince yourself that the guy was as clueless as he sounded. Obama’s calm, stoic demeanor as he bangs the war drums is just insulting….

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