World War III & The Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme

President puppet Obama in his recent announcement to chase ISIL, or ISIS or The American Terrorist Army, into Syria to stop terrorism sounds brave if the threat was real.  However, the threat is not real in the sense that ISIS or ISIL has been created to justify America military intervention into any sphere of American interest.  The American government has violated the traditional Constitutional parameters placed on it to represent the American citizens and their interests. All current policy is directed completely by the 1% with no intention of benefitting or promoting American democratic principles.  Our men and military are being given false military objectives to promote the interests of Billionaires and Trillionaires who are in a Satanic cabal that wants a NEW WORLD ORDER.  This order is to have one global government, one global religion, and one global economy.  The death of the dollar is required to obtain these goals.  America is in the cross hairs of the One World Globalists.  Global communism or Satanism is the final goal following World War III.  So Obama going into Syria to destroy ISIL, as he says, is the false flag plan to take on Russia head to head in Syria.  So none of this benefits the American citizens and will lead to the mass deaths or millions and billions of civilians globally.  The dollar must die and be covered up by the excuse that terrorism and WWIII destroyed the dollar.  The criminals promoting WWIII want their criminal activity to be covered up by the blood of millions rather than rot in jail where they belong.

Another story that has been hidden that most Americans have not been educated about on purpose by the paid controlled Media Presstitutes is related to the BRICS agreement.  This agreement has been reached by Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to bypass the dollar for a real gold backed currency.  This story has been hidden from the Western media audience since its official announcement back in late July.  This is a direct attack on the supremacy of The United States dollar and will lead to the collapse of the Dollar Reserve currency and the death of The American economy.  This is the reason for WWIII and the destruction of the world is a Kabbalistic form of magic choreographed by the Illuminati to build a New World Order with Satan as The dictator.  What is interesting is that right after the announcement of the BRICS bank in the video below, an airliner was shot down over the Ukraine, which many think was an assassination attempt against Putin since his plane was in the area.

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5 thoughts on “World War III & The Federal Reserve Ponzi Scheme

  1. That was one of the best vids encapsulating the Fed Reserve / global political tinkering I’ve seen in quite some time. I really appreciate how they managed to pack so much in to just over 20 minutes, definitely going to have to mark this one as something to share with other people. So much of the time, I might find some really great material in a video or documentary, but then when the thing is like an hour or two long, I know that if I post it or send it to people, they aren’t going to bother watching it anyway, so it’s frustrating. These kinds of “boiled down” presentations are harder to make, but I think more valuable in some ways towards reaching large amounts of folks…

    But dang.. What was that clip at the very end, with the guy speaking of front of the “Washington Institute” backdrop…? Who is that? That was a trip. on the one hand, he’s talking like a total insider/hawk, but then at the same time basically admitting that every case of U.S. military intervention came on the heels of a some “cataclysmic event”….(!) Can’t believe I hadn’t seen any footage of that presentation before…..

    • Yes, I remember when that guy was speaking that it was a major blunder by that office in that he basically admitted how they falsify and manipulate situations based on their policy needs. Lying in Washington is a means to an ends and doesn’t have anything to do with morality in their world.

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