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On this edition of ETMN, Kris and I processed all the occult symbolism with the upcoming 9/11 anniversary.  This is the 13th anniversary of 9/11 which is the number for rebellion.  The Egyptian pantheon of gods was analyzed as they relate to the Osiris, Isis, Horus occult ceremony that is being carried out by the occult global elite.  The veil has been raised and there is no way of concealing the occult agenda anymore.  This is why we are seeing an escalation in The New World Order Agenda.  What is Obama’s role in welcoming The New World Order?  Is he some kind of cloned Akhenatan rebel put in place as the 44th Horus President of The United States.  Or is he just some kind of occult ritually born New World Order patsy put in office to oversee the destruction of America?  We will review The new Tolstoy Google Doodle that definitely shows the coming WWIII and destruction.  Now we also know that Obama will address The United States people at 9pm Eastern the day before 9/11; what could this be about?  I believe that we will witness the occult revealing of the mystery school agenda to raise Apollyon of Revelation 9:11.  We are at a point in history where the real occult history of this world is manifesting in view for all to see.  Listen now to the podcast replay below:



Barry Barackenatan Horus President 44

1)  Amerishima 9/11 Video (<<<Click)

2)  I Pet Goat 2 Video (<<<Click)

3)  Be Ready Video (<<<Click)

4)  Gates of Hell Referenced Article (<<<Click)

5)  Supermoon Video (<<<Click)

6) Tolstoy Google Doodle Video (<<<Click)





9 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – World Magicians

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  2. This was a really great show guys! I was actually very encouraged Tim to hear you just talk openly for a bit about how you spent a couple days watching football with old friends/family, and how it made you feel afterwards. Sometimes I too will find myself just plopping on the couch, and turning on a football game, and being drawn towards the almost hypnotic, soothing nature of the thing.. It’s really weird. I grew up watching and playing football in High School etc., and then eventually went like over a decade as an adult without watching it at all. And even now that I’m much more “awake” to everything going on, and I understand all the societal programming etc., it’s kinda freaky how even though I am aware of it, I’m still susceptible to that temptation to just “zone out” to something as pointless as a bunch of guys trying to get a pointy little ball into a rectangle. When you step back and think about how much money and time and everything that goes into something as ultimately meaningless as football, all the massive stadiums and billions of dollars etc., it’s pretty mind-boggling to think that ALL of that has been “invested” towards creating and maintaining a very powerful and effective “opiate for the masses” as it were.

    It’s weird how even just the sound of a football game on tv can be very “hypnotic”, if you are someone who grew up in America and was exposed to lull of commentators and whistles and everything else. There have been times when I just wanted to take a nap on a Sun afternoon, so I’d turn on a football game, even if I cared nothing about the teams playing, just to have the “white noise” of the game to help knock me out. That kinda says a lot, doesn’t it? I could probably write a whole post altogether about the “psy-op that is football”, hmmmm, maybe I should, I don’t know. All I meant to say is that I was encouraged by you sharing that little bit, cuz it really touches on a very important overall point, which of course could be made about a million different things, football only being a singular example…

    Anyhow, also the point about the whole Russian war winter “signaling” was very spot on I think. When that Capt. America movie came out, I couldn’t help but think that it was just such a stranger title for an action movie, but in the current political context it makes plenty more sense.

    I wonder how huge of an undertaking it would be to try and just do a summary of all the “Russia is the villain” propaganda that suddenly started re-emerging in the last couple of years. I’d be interested in reading something like that, because we’ve all seen/felt it, it’s been such a massive marketing “push”….

    K, love you guys, keep it up.

    • Thanks for the nice comments. I think if you get the time your idea about writing on football and American conditioning would be a fun read. We will just have to watch and wait knowing that Jesus is coming soon. That is what is really nice knowing we are just that close.

  3. Hey I’ll listen to your podcast, but wondered what you thought about this xmas? Most Christians are still celebrating this VERY pagan holiday. Does Isis have anything to do with it? I think so!

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