End Times Matrix News – Two Faced Chaos!

On this edition of ETMN, we get into the very real possibility that there will be actual terrorist attacks on the United States this 9/11.  The war drums are beating and the false flags are flying as The New World Order is threatening civilization with their demonic plans.  Kris and I discuss how people need to seriously stock up on at least water.  Experts recommend 2 gallons per person a day in case terrorist attacks poison local community water sources.  Of course this is a call for prayer warriors to attack the spiritual forces of the devil to have as many people wake up as possible.  Between Russia, ISIS, Ebola and the open southern border, it looks like the next stop is terrorism in the United States.  The Banksters are set on covering up their FED ponzi scheme theft by starting the Third World War to destroy the dollar.  Don’t worry they already have a new currency set up to replace the old currency.  Good people need to wake up their neighbors and get their neighborhoods and communities resolved to stand and protect the citizens of The United States since the Federal government won’t protect us.


The Mandarin Was The Created Terrorist Threat That Was IN IronMan 3. Can You Say Sounds Like ISIS! Click on this photo to replay the podcast

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