End Times Matrix News – Star-Gate Cube!

On this edition of ETMN, I am joined by Kris who has been doing in-depth research on the Saturn cube worship that is going on globally and is connected to the coming New World Order.  (THERE IS A SECTION OF DEAD SPACE THAT YOU NEED TO SKIP OVER STARTING AT 38:20-42:10.  THE SATURN CUBE KNOCKED ME OFF THE AIR DURING THIS TIME PERIOD (LOL)).  Saturn cube worship is connected to this six sided cube spiritual messaging system that is controlled by the Fallen Angel Lucifer, the ruler of this earth.  During these End Times the Serpent worshipping elites that practice witchcraft and owe their allegiance to Lucifer and his fallen angels are trying to eliminate Christianity from around the globe.  They are also amassing an army of trans-humanists devil worshippers to defeat Christ at the battle of Armageddon.  Listen now to this provocative broadcast that discusses Saturn worship with the Synagogue of Satan and End Time events.


Four Dimensional Tesseract Hypercube Podcast Link


9 thoughts on “End Times Matrix News – Star-Gate Cube!

  1. looking forward to listening to this one. Been keeping on all the podcasts so far, and they’ve been excellent. I noticed that the picture that accompanied my wordpress blogfeed for this episode was of Loki from the Avengers/Thor movies, holding the blue “tesseract” cube. I remember when I first saw the appearance of this “plot device” as it was introduced in the first Captain America movie, when the “red skull” villain guy discovered it somewhere in Europe and actually called it by the name “Yggdrasil”… A term which I later learned comes from Norse “mythology” (paganism) referring to their version of the “world tree” concept, which is prevalent in occult/New Age circles throughout history. Amazing how everything connects, and how this idea of an interdimensional “stargate” is actually a real belief held by those elites who have embraced fallen cosmology…

      • (Bill O’Reilly… BAH!) K one more thing, (once again…) show notes Tim! Show notes! After listening to the last podcast yesterday, been meaning to ask what was the name of the Jewish guy Kris was referring to, who in the 70’s blabbed about all the goals of the power elites? (Was it Rosenthal you said?) Wanted to look into that a little further on my own…

  2. Question for Tim or Chris (Kris) to discuss in the future episode on this topic, what about the black monolith in the movie 2010? Is this related to the subject? I believe that it is related from the discuss with Tim and Chris. The use of planet of Jupiter is just a cover-up. If I’m wrong, I will admit that. Charles

    • I am not exactly sure about the monolith other than the extraterrestrial ruins that many claim are on other planets such as Mars. It may just represent alien intelligence outside of man’s knowledge.

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