Exposing The Vatican! Very Revealing Teaching

Steven Ben-DeNoon presents a very interesting historical study of why he thinks that Daniel is connected to the Vatican in some interesting connections.  The Vatican has long been held to be associated with the Revelation Woman that rides the Beast by most of the Reformers.  In this video series he builds a case that Edom is now Rome in many verses.  Now that we are studying the unfolding of The Book of Revelation we examine The Vatican and their behind the scenes manipulation of world events.  This is an extensive Biblical analysis of Edom, Rome and Israel.  Very revealing commentary and analysis about the edomites and the Romans at the 40 minute mark concerning the Roman soldiers and Jesus’s crucifixion and the connection to water.

Powerful imagery of how evil transcends the generations and repeats how Rome has persecuted the Jews.  Especially the imagery of making the Jews sing the songs of Zion for their conquerors.  What mockery.  Very interesting commentary on these connections.  Video Part 2 has Steven condenses his teaching that the Vatican are the edomites at about the 15 minute part of the video.  Around the 21 minute part we see that Steven continues with showing that Rome had control of the British and allowing the Jews to enter the land of Israel and then he documents in detail the evil of The Catholic involvement with supporting Hitler and the intentional suppression of some important Vatican documents by Jesuits who obstructed protecting Jews under Hitler’s reign of terror.  He concludes by reading scripture that talks about the destruction of Edom and Rome.

Here is a brief summary of The Vatican’s wealth and The 3 city confederation, the video quality is not good but gives a great crash course in the Vatican’s Harlotry.  Please disregard the last 15 seconds of the video because it is the stamp from anonymous on this video.  The video is worth watching except for the anonymous add-on.


2 thoughts on “Exposing The Vatican! Very Revealing Teaching

    • I think that we are seeing a combination of the two discussions between Steven’s videos and also there is a Caliphate component. The woman riding the Beast and the 7 hills seems to be the imagery I am having a hard time placing.

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