The New World Disorder Players And Tactics – Real News You Didn’t Know!

The Satanic World Players have always been led from behind the scenes by Fallen Angels that seek to destroy humanity.  In this presentation Truthstream gives an awesome review of all the Hegelian chess pieces that are being implemented against one another.  What I want my audience to understand in the beginning of this presentation is that the zionist component plan is clearly defined in Albert Pikes 3rd World War.  It is important to understand that many of the players have been designed to be proxies that the world financial movers and shakers manipulate according to the demonic instructions that these people get in from their channelers.  The whole thing is directed from the spiritual domain but this video gives a wonderful breakdown of some of the plans developed from geopolitics to carve up the world into a New World Order.  The presentation ends with what happens when you allow Corporate Fascism to run the food industry.  The CAFO is just another example of what happens with people who do things solely for the love of money.  The Animal concentration camps show you what kind of scum run big Agriculture.  I for one only buy grass fed beef to support real Americans not Fascist food manufacturers.  Christ is the only solution and he will judge the evil elites that have destroyed the world.  They are the destroyers and not the regular civilians.  These are the people who pollute and kill and then blame the innocent.  They are the Tares that will be separated in the end time harvest and their eternal reward will be well earned in hell because these people care nothing for the things of The Spirit or care about the innocent.

It is important to remember that Albert Pike’s 3rd World War was based on the Hegelian principle of pitting Islam against the political Zionists.  The spiritual world run by Lucifer knows that he must follow Bible prophecy but still he puts his Tares in charge of nations to play out his game plan.  The Rothschild’s New World Order Satanist’s represent the visible Jewish Cabal of The Illuminati, they have been given a place at the table to foment antisemitism and hatred toward the Jews.  The Rothschilds represent the political zionist faction in that they established the State of Israel for the purpose of fulfilling Pike’s Luciferian ordained WWIII against Islam or ISIS.  It is very complicated when people try to figure each player, just understand that the world is run by deception and it is extremely difficult to understand the different levels of deception.  For an analysis of The Prophecies associated with the third world war, listen to the first hour of my last podcast linked below:


WWIII Discussed in 1st hour of End Times Terror Podcast

I am including Yanin’s plan for The Middle East a Zionist plan for the territory and the policies pushed by Neocon’s to involve America in The Middle East.  Click on The Link Below and study the players involved.  I do not agree with the authors conclusion regarding Israel.  I believe in The Abrahamic covenant and Blessing those that God blesses, but I know that the Luciferian Masonic forces are also completing Lucifer’s plan related to Israel.  Remember 3 World Wars will be fought and all are related to establishing The Antichrist kingdom as The New World Order.  Understand The Political Zionist component of Lucifer’s plan.


Map layout of Political Masonic Zionist Plan. Click on pic for article



3 thoughts on “The New World Disorder Players And Tactics – Real News You Didn’t Know!

  1. That was really well done, wasn’t it? I think I just might have to repost this one… 🙂 I particular appreciated the segment where he went into detail on the “Arc of Tension” idea, pretty amazing when you see it laid out on the map like that.

    • Yes, it was a great piece of work by truth stream. They are a good researching couple. They really add to the discussion and research. They also like people to give them ideas for research.

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