House Representatives Recognize Persecution In Iraq

The silence is deafening and all those in Washington that knew of the funding of ISIS and the arming of ISIS should be in jail. The policies coming out of Washington do not represent the American public. We don’t want to be associated with homicidal killers but this administration has no problem avoiding this issue. The point that it took this long to get some bill acknowledging the destruction of Christians and Western civilization by supposedly Democratic representatives is long overdo.

'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!'

Kingdoms of the levant Map showing Kingdoms of the Levant c 830. The Kingdoms: Phoenicia -Brown Aram Damascus – Aquamarine Amon – Orange Moab – Purple Edom – Yellow Philistia – Red Israel – Blue) Judah – Maroon The map shows the region in the 9th century BCE. From Wikimedia Commons

With the disturbing reports from Iraq showing the slaughter and forced conversions of Christians I have come to realize the difficulty in convincing the public that this is actually taking place.  There are reports of mass executions, threats of death to Christians who refuse to pay an Islamic tax or convert, as well as destruction of centuries old historic relics.  This is the norm for this ideology.  To destroy any evidence of historical value to anyone other than them.  To completely wipe out all vestiges of Holy relics, and those who are different.  We see this not only in Iraq, but Pakistan and…

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