Obama’s American Pandemic

Barack Obama, Oval office occupant, seems so terrified of a nuclear device destroying Gotham city that he is leaving the whole southern border completely open.  Those of us that know about the globalist plans for a North American Union understand that this is part of the agenda to destroy America.  Commentators have gone on record stating that the announcement has been prepared that The United States of America will cease to exist by the year 2017.  America then will disappear from history as just another cog in The North American Union wheel.  Part of the agenda is to use coordinated False Flag Pandemic events and this southern border crisis is tailor made for pandemics.  The strangest thing to me was the movement of illegal immigrants all over the United States into makeshift Fema Camp type facilities.  Why would you spread illegals so far and wide across America?  What could be the purpose of such an action?  Aren’t the costs involved in this policy much more expensive?  How would you get illegals back to Central America if they are in Maine and Vermont?  Well if you wanted to spread disease as far and wide as possible, sending illegals everywhere regardless of health would make a strong model.  Now we have major Ebola outbreaks occurring in Africa and spreading with the final destination scheduled for The United States to trigger the involvement of The United Nations who will more than happily collect our arms under the guise of quarantining populations.  As you will see in the video that I provide with this post, I believe that the Congressional summer vacation gives the perfect cover for the needed chaos to spread in August.  I will link the pandemic posts at the bottom of this post.

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Pandemic Links Provided in Post:

1) The Daily Sheeple Post

2) Ebola Spreading In Africa

3) Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show


3 thoughts on “Obama’s American Pandemic

  1. wait… “Commentators have gone on record stating that the announcement has been prepared that The United States of America will cease to exist by the year 2017” I’d be very interested in listening to those kinds of testimonials, you have a link(s) somewhere handy?

    • I am sorry, it was either from V the guerrilla economist or possibly W the intelligence insider. They were Hagmann & Hagmann guests. Sorry for being vague on the recall.

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